Recess Monkey is a left of centre blog based in NZ.

Primarily set up as a means of ensuring the numerous letters sent to the local paper got someone reading them (other than ourselves) the blog has now developed into a forum for opinion and discussion on a vast range of issues.

We believed that there was still a gap in the NZ market for a left-wing blog where rational debate on the issues that really matter to kiwi’s was possible (and even with recent changes in the NZ blogosphere, we still believe that gap in the market exists). Hopefully this is what Recess Monkey will ultimately become, but as with most things in life, it’s a work in progress.


Recess Monkey is dead - Long live Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey is dead – Long live Recess Monkey

Some years ago there was a UK-based left-wing blog that was widely regarded as the best of its kind. It’s name was Recess Monkey.

Unfortunately, the authors of Recess Monkey were busy people and the posts became less and less frequent until, eventually, the blog shut down. Indeed, if you now go to their old URL you arrive at the web site of a US band, Recess Monkey, who describe themselves as  a “nationally acclaimed trio of elementary school teachers who make music for kids and families that truly rocks“, which sounds to me like something lifted directly from a Terry Pratchett novel.

It is important not to confuse us with either of these earlier or alternate incarnations of Recess Monkey, we chose the name purely as a homage to the sadly departed UK blog.

Having said that, there are some similarities. Yes, our views are predominately left-wing, and yes, we are a blog.

Who are we?

At the moment, this blog only has one full-time blogger. Well, I say full time, but actually I’m trying to fit blogging into what is a very busy life involving lots of cats! As such, posts may be a bit sporadic from time to time.

One thing we do believe in is owning what we say and disclosing who we are. Consequently, below is a short bio.

We also welcome both regular and one-off guest posts, and will even consider other full-time posters. If you are interested in either of these options, get in touch with us via the Contact page.

Please remember when reading any post on this site, the views expressed are those of the author, and are not intended to be representative of the blog, nor any other organisation that the author(s) may be involved in.

Chris Richardson

chrsmlChris is a relative new comer to New Zealand, having arrived in early 2009 from the UK. Since then he has thrown himself into Kiwi life and been active on local and national issues. He is a member of the New Zealand Labour Party and was Campaign Manager for Stuart Nash in the 2011 election campaign. He has a specific interest in sustainability and innovation,  but that’s never stopped him from commenting on just about anything.